Since 1986 I have acquired extensive experience in CATV/Utility Construction & OSP Engineering.

I started as a Ground-hand on an Aerial Strand Crew, working my way up to Lineman, Foreman and progressed to coaxial cable (trunk & Feeder), running Trunk Crews for four years.

I was then initiated into Fiber Optic Construction in the capacity of Lineman, soon moving up to Foreman.

In the capacity of Sub-Contractor and Employee, I have built fiber optic systems for:
- Various CATV MSO's,
- McLeodUSA,
- MCI,
- AT&T,
- US Sprint,
- US West/Qwest
among others.

These projects included:
- Cascade Reductions,
- HFC Backbones,
- FTTx,
- Business and Industrial Rings.

Experienced as a Construction Supervisor for a major MSO, in the second fastest-growing market in the Nation, at the time, as well as on several New Builds, Retros, Up-Grades and a nationwide Locating Company.

Have also been General Foreman on a variety of coaxial and fiber jobs.

Over the years I have also gained extensive knowledge in Underground Construction methods.
Can splice coax and have done some trouble shooting. I've also trained in Forward and Reverse Sweep for a short time.

Acquired a contract as an Independent Contractor wrecking out Signal and Communications lines for Delaware and Hudson Railroad (D&H) in New York State.

I have supervised a number of OSP Engineering projects and in addition have Performed:
- QC,
- As-Built Walkouts,
- System Addressing,
- Strand Mapping and
- As-Built Verifications,
- Set up QC Programs

This work was completed using:
- Trimble GPS,
- TerraSync Software,
- NuMetrics Digital Measuring Instrument (DMI),
- Laser Distance Measuring,
- Locators,
- Roll-A-Tape Wheel.

Extensive Experience Drawing Permit Field Notes For:
- CATV 90v Power Supply Locations,
- USWest USAM Locations,
- Road Bore Locations,
- Fiber Optic Running Lines,
- Utility and City Permitting
The above permits are drawn using an Engineering ( Station and Offset ) Format.

Along with personal Climbing Gear and Hand Tools, I am proficient in the use of Aerial Construction Equipment. i.e.:
- Telsta T-40,
- SU-36,
- Versa-Lift Booms, etc,
- Evergreen Booms

- Stewart & Stevenson Figure 8 Machines,
- Condux Fiber Blowers.
- Trimble GPS, Geographical Information System, (GIS),
- NuMetrics Digital Measuring Instrument (DMI),
- Laser Distance Measuring

- Comfortable With Most Microsoft Products,
- Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver,
- Various Graphics Editing Programs,
- HTML, DHTML, PHP, CGI, CSS, Java Scripts, ASP, MySQL Databases, PHPMyAdmin,
- FTP Programs,
- Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submission,
- Google Analytics, AdSense, APPS,
- Android APPS,
- Trimble TerraSync GPS Software

I spent several months as a
Disaster Response & Recovery Supervisor for a CATV Contractor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I coordinated with the MSO, as well as other contractors, on the Tornado Damage of April 27, 2011.

"This project provided, not only a career milestone
with incredible challenges but,
a personal experience that has had an
impact on me that I'm certain will remain
with me forever."


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